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About Us

XtracktMe is the most feature-rich, advanced Security app available in the South African Market. Its main functions are as an S.O.S distress signal, GPS Locator/Tracker, Emergency Medical Information Holder and Emergency Services Directory.

The crime rate and accident levels in our country are shockingly high. We know, from personal experience, how it feels to be alone in an emergency situation. We want to make sure no one ever feels that way again, that they can regain control in the desperate situations where it's been stripped away from them. We hope you never have to use the app, but we wanted to make something that would help, in case you do. Don't be a statistic. Use XtracktMe to save yourself and your loved ones in an emergency. .

Why XtracktMe?

Greater Peace of Mind

Improve your safety and security

Locate or track loved ones and employees

Easily notify loved ones and emergency response of your exact GPS position

Faster response in an emergency


Interested in the technical specs?

• XtracktMe works on your mobile service provider's network — avoiding third party servers and delays.

• The app will function as long as your phone has sufficient airtime and data.

• Only security app that works on all Android phones, including cheaper options like Vodafone Smart Kicker.

• It's free to download and use!



Need a way to quickly and silently send an emergency alert?

  • Send an emergency distress alert, including current GPS coordinates, to your family and security company via SMS and email.
  • The S.O.S panic button can be pressed in-app, via the lock screen or by simply pulling out the headphone jack.
  • Automatically records incident via phone’s camera.
  • No alarms or visible change. Attackers will be unaware you sent an S.O.S and are recording video.
  • Can only be disabled with a personal PIN code.



Want to be able to know where your kids are right now?

  • Send an incognito message to their phone to view their current location, shown as a GPS locator pin on an interactive map.
  • Only verified numbers can track their whereabouts.
  • If the phone is off, it will show the last known GPS coordinates, along with the date and time stamp.
  • Tracks with pinpoint accuracy on every continent.



Need to be able to locate the nearest hospital, tow truck, police station, etc.?

  • This feature opens a map showing your current location.
  • Search our comprehensive directory of emergency services relative to where you are.
  • Maps will get you there with turn-by-turn instructions.
  • Also, includes an easy ‘click to call’ function.



Wish you had assurance that your loved ones will know where you are, and if you’re safe?

  • This feature is especially useful when travelling solo.
  • Allows you to set a safety timer that will automatically notify your contacts if you don’t deactivate it in time.
  • Once the feature is active, your phone will automatically send an S.O.S to your contacts and emergency services with a geo-location of where you are.



Worried about how long it will take too long to unlock your phone in an emergency?

  • Lock screen features an easily accessible S.O.S panic button.
  • You can also simply pull out the headphone jack to activate S.O.S.
  • Plus, one swipe reveals all your vital medical information and emergency contacts for paramedics or hospital staff in case you are unresponsive.



Want a fast way to reach your security company in an emergency?

  • When you activate an S.O.S, a separate SMS is sent directly to your security company — including your member number, vehicle registration and home address.
  • A call is also placed directly to their control room.


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