1. Registration

Once you have installed the XTracktMe app and open it for the first time, you will need to complete the registration process.

If you have already purchased or been gifted an activation code and you complete the form the app will verify the code and activate the app during its launch.

If you do not have an activation code yet, it will take you to the payment page to purchase a code.

Should you be reinstalling the app on the same mobile phone or be returning form purchasing the app after registering it, go to "Already Registered" and enter your mobile number and activation code to launch the app once again.

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2. XTractMe Validation Instructions

Enter you Mobile number you registered the app with and then enter your validation code. The app will open and be ready to use should all the fields be valid.
Do keep your codes as you can re install the app in the future should you need to.
* Remember- the app registration is linked to each phones unique IMEI number and is locked to that phone.



3. Setting up the XTracktMe App

Once the app has been validated it will open on the main screen. Go to the bottom Settings Button to start entering the required fields.
You can enter your medical details under Emergency Details from here as well.


4. Application Settings

Each of the main app functions settings can be found here, click each button to enter that functionality and proceed with the setup instructions.


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5. Email Receiver Setup

Click the drop down to see a list of email providers, click the account domain you will be using to send your Video and Audio files via when you activate the app in an emergency situation.

The email Password here is your email login password. *we do not store or keep this password, it remains on the phone. This is required so that you can log into your account to upload the files and send them.

Multi recipients can be activated to receive the email, just place a , at the end of each email address in the E-mail addresses tab.

Set how long you want the video recording to last when you activate the security app.
* remember that the longer the duration the bigger the file size is to upload.

The uploading of video and audio files is dependent on the Data or WiFi network you are connected to, if you do not have data active on your phone and are outside your WiFi network, the files can not upload to your email account.


6. Emergency Notifications Settings




Message Receivers

Add the contact that you wish to receive your emergency notification message. You can choose it you would like them to be notified for the SOS or Watch Over Me functions or Both! (You can add multiple contacts)



SOS message configurations.

Enter a short message requesting help when the app is activated. This is the SMS message going out and will also contain your GPS co-ordinates and address allowing your security service and/or loved ones to come to your aid.



Lock Screen Preferences

Switch ON the lock screen and/or My Emergency Details so that they appear before your phones actual lock screen.
*You may wish to deactivate this while at the office say, but do ensure that it is active when you leave. This will allow you to activate and tap the SOS function with the phone in your pocket even, but especially critical if your in an accident and cant speak. Emergency respondents will be able to access your medical details and ensure the correct course of action is taken without accessing your mobile private information. Call can be made to the approved contacts and doctors you have listed here as well.



Security Company Settings

A separate message can be set up for your Security Company or Neighborhood Watch Group (CPF) this can include your membership number authenticating you. Your GPS coordinates will be sent along with this message to.

When the SOS is activated, a pre-defined number is called.The number can be your Security Company control room, CPF or family member


7. Settings for Watch over Me

If you are going out for a jog, cycle or on a first date, you can set up a count down timer to send a notification message to your selected Watch Over Me contacts. They can then call and check if you are alright or if no answer try and locate you via the Family Locator. At least your last location can be tracked and help can be on the way.
You can set a time for Days, Hours or Minutes. So when you go hiking or out to sea where there is no or little reception, leave your phone with a message indicating where you are going etc, this could save your life as rescuers will know where to start the search.



Watch Over Me Pre-Activation & Activation

Once the Watch Over Me function is active, you can choose to active the SOS Panic button if something happens to you, extend the time should you be running later than expected, or cancel the function once you reach your destination safe.
To deactivate the function or send the "I Am Safe" sms message, you will need to enter your XTracktMe password you chose during setup. This ensures that no unauthorized person can send a "I Am Safe" message on your behalf.


Deactivation of Watchoverme

Custom post types and options for plugins are available below Theme Admin options. You can manage from there all theme custom post types and features provided by plugins which were installed with theme.




8.Family Locator Settings

Enter the number of the person you wish to be able to locate via the app. Once they approve your request, you will receive a message with a confirmation code you will need to enter.


Accepting Family Locator Request

Once you have received the confirmation message with the activation code, click the pending button of the requested contact and enter the code they replied with, once done you will be able to bring up their present location in Maps. If their GPS and data are off, you will see their last reported point with a date and time stamp.


Tracking Number

To track a person, click the "Contacts I can locate" button, select the person you wish to locate and click "Locate Now", the map will open showing their last known location with a date and time stamp.


Child lock function

As a parent, you can lock your permission to track them on your Child mobile.

Tap the "Lock" button and enter your password. Now you cant be removed from that handset unless the password is entered again. To remove a person tracking you, tap contacts details and delete when asked.


Locate me

Find yourself in unfamiliar territory and need someone to locate you, send a sms from here with a message and your GPS details will be attached. Ensure your GPS and data are on to send accurate details.

This is ideal if your stuck on the side of a road or in the middle of the bush and need a breakdown service or ambulance to come to your aid, no time wasted trying to explain and the recipient doesn't need to have the XTracktMe app installed either.


Headphone Jack trigger

In your setting area, you can plug-in your headphone jack and then activate this feature.

Now if your jogging, cycling or simply carrying your handbag, have the jack ready to pull. Once unplugged the SOS function will activate and GPS tracking will start.

Not only can responders come to your aid, but if you left the phone in your car or handbag, your approved trackers can locate the mobile and notify your security company or police of its location.

This is the ideal way to activate the SOS in a panic situation, no reaching for the phone etc, just pull the jack out and walk away or hand it over.
With the video function active a video with audio will be sent to you and your set recipients, this can help identify attackers later in court.

Medical Details

In an accident or medical emergency you may not be able to communicate but your medical history and details can be life saving, with access to all your relevant information from the lock screen area and no access to your phone, medical personal can make apply the right choices when it matters most.

Family members or your doctor can be dialed from the app informing them of your situation. Ideal for aged members with Parkinson, Altzimers who can be lost, epileptic patients and those with special medical conditions.


Info page

A quick link to valuable resources like your Neighborhood Watch/CPF, Police, Hospitals, Ambulance, Tow Trucks or the SPCA. With your GPS on we can help point to the closest member and link to their page with details to contact them.

Check for app updates or simply share the app info with friends all from here.

Keep checking this page as we keep you informed of new features and services you can access.




* Please Note!

Please note due to Android deactivating background recourses to improve the speed of the device, make sure that every time you want to make use of the XtracktMe mobile App 's following features :

• Emergency Call Trigger

• Lock Screen Activation

• Headphone Jack Trigger

Go into the feature's settings and re-activate the function as illustrated below, also make sure that your device's GPS and Data is switched on.



Please note that when using the emergency call trigger feature for  Home Screen SOS Activation, Lock screen Activation or Headphone jack trigger  to go to the Security Company Settings and makes sure the  on/off button is On and press the save button..


1.Activating the Emergency call trigger for Home Screen SOS Activation

  1. Open App and go to the settings page
  2. Click on Settings for emergency  notifications
  3. Click on Security Company Settings
  4. Enter the number you would like to have dialed when in an emergency 
  5. Make sure  the On /Off Button shows On
  6. Press Save.


2.Activating the Emergency call trigger for Lock Screen SOS Activation

  1.  Open App and go to the settings page
  2. Click on Settings for emergency  notifications
  3. Click on Lock screen Preferences
  4. Make sure the SOS Emergency on/off button is On
  5. Press Save
  6. Click on Settings for emergency  notifications
  7. Click on Security Company Settings
  8. Enter the number you would like to have dialed when in an emergency  (If number is not already inserted)
  9. Make sure  the On /Off Button shows On
  10. Press Save.


3.Activating the Emergency call trigger for Headphone Jack Trigger SOS Activation

  1. Open the Xtracktme App
  2. Click on Advanced Tracking
  3. Insert Headphones
  4. Press Check for Wired Headset
  5. Press Plugged in –Tracking with headset monitoring button make sure it says on, button will display in green when active
  6. Click on Settings for emergency  notifications
  7. Click on Security Company Settings
  8. Enter the number you would like to have dialed when in an emergency  (If number is not already inserted)
  9. Make the the On /Off Button shows On
  10. Press Save.