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White Labelling

Corporate Branding (White Labelling/Private Labelling)

Our XtracktMe White Labeling/Private Labeling is custom branding opportunity. It's our advanced security and tracking software app, skinned with your branding, ensuring your name is for front to your client base.
By having your branded version of the XtracktMe app, you will be top of mind with your customers or stakeholders and regarded highly by them as you're actively enhancing their safety and security.
Membership affords you:
• A fully branded app with your logo and relevant details.
• The in-app business directory will link to your brand's business page.
• Direct in-app messages via push notification technology. Can be used to send news updates, adverts and security alerts to your users.
• The ability to send text, URL links and images to an individual phone, a selected group or a selected geo-fenced area.
• Hosting on Google Play and the iStore, available as a free download world wide..
• A channel on our messaging network, which users can join, even if they downloaded another Brand's app.
This has many applications:
• Schools and Universities: Enhance the security in and outside of your campus.
• Estate Agents: Ensure the safety of your show house staff. You can also offer the app to new home owners for added security.
• Security Companies: Improved monitoring and upgraded security for your members. You can also embed your control room details in the app for rapid response.
• Emergency & Medical Services: Provide an emergency alert solution to your patients and the general public. This will allow your ambulance service to respond to the clients GPS location and have access to their medical information before arriving.
• Small or local Businesses: Super affordable marketing solution. Use push notifications to reach and target direct advertising messages to your users based on the area they live.
• Benefits to many other groups, including Trucking companies, Cycling Clubs, MLM and Direct Selling Companies, Motorbike Clubs, Life Insurance Agents, Travel Groups, Gated Communities, Old Age and Nursing Homes, Car Dealerships, etc.
Price of branding and membership:

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A tailor-made security application for your brand

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