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Our Emergency app is a personal emergency S.O.S distress signal & GPS locator, with a child/phone tracking service, as well as a medical information aid. Offering unique benefits, this security application has been developed to improve both you and your family's safety.






SOS Panic Alert


With the press of one button, an SOS emergency message will immediately be sent to your selected recipients .

Headphone Jack trigger

Now if your jogging, cycling or simply carrying your handbag, have the jack ready to pull. Once unplugged the SOS function will activate and GPS tracking will start.

Emergency Call Trigger

When the SOS is activated, a pre-defined number is called.The number can be family member.

Which phones can you use?


Your Android device needs to be on version 3.0 or later. Android devices include popular makes like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei to name a few.


Our App installs and works perfectly on the cheap small Android devices which is accustomed by the lower LSM market