Medical Panic

In the event of a medical emergency, a crisis manager will immediately dispatch a road or air ambulance, staffed by qualified emergency medical care practitioners. Life-saving support will be provided to the member and, where relevant, transfer provided to the closest applicable medical facility.

A value of between R2500 – R5000 depending on distance and area.


The whereabouts of the cell phone will be determined via GPS. Alternatively, the location of the handset will be calculated by establishing the distance of the cell phone in relation to the nearest cellular tower. When the panic button is activated, an instant alert will be triggered at the ER24 EMS Contact Centre. The Contact Centre co-ordinator will attempt to reach the member telephonically.

The ER24 EMS co-ordinator will dispatch the appropriate unit once the exact nature of the distress call has been determined. The co-ordinator will communicate with the next of kin (as specified on the member account) and keep them informed of the situation.


The service includes everything listed below. Where applicable, please take note that ER24 reserves the right to bill your medical aid service provider for transport:

Emergency Response, Stabilisation
• Guaranteed

Medical Transportation
• Subject to alternate reimbursement model

Emergency Medical Information
• Telephonic advice only

Medical Assistance Hotline
• Telephonic advice only

Telephonic Trauma Support Lines
• Telephonic advice only

Our team of medical professionals will prioritise a transfer based on medical conditions, the degree of urgency, the patient’s state and fitness to travel. Other considerations include but are not limited to airport availability, weather conditions and distance to be covered as assessed by the Contact Centre doctor. Our Contact Centre and operational team will determine whether transport will be provided by medically-equipped helicopter, regular scheduled flight or road.